We work with global healthcare companies to unlock the value of innovation. Our unique multi-disciplinary approach enables us to effectively assess the impact of the evidence, policy, coding, and health economic environment on the pricing, adoption, and value of novel healthcare technologies and services.

Innovation and Product Development

Innovation and Product Development

Growth through innovation is often a top priority, but ensuring that the process delivers competitive advantage can be challenging. The demands of value-based healthcare put even more pressure on innovation, as stakeholders demand increased quality while controlling costs.  To meet this challenge requires renewed focus on the how of innovation.

Pricing Reimbursement and Market Access

Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access

Payers and health systems are seeking value, demanding more from novel drugs, devices, and diagnostic technologies than ever before.  Stakeholders need to understand how new technologies and services deliver better outcomes and an improved patient experience while controlling costs.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Health Economics and Value Communication

Payers, clinicians, regulators, and investors are increasingly assessing the value of drugs, devices, and diagnostics in terms of their outcomes, both clinical and economic. bet188体育平台 works with technology and service innovators to develop robust health economic analysis and value communication tools that deliver success in an environment where proving clinical and economic value to payers and providers is essential for success.

Market and Business Strategy

Market Assessment and Business Strategy

It is one thing to identify a market opportunity, but still another to execute and win in today’s value-conscious marketplace.  BHA firmly embeds market access and health economic expertise into market opportunity assessment and forecasting.  We understand how payer acceptance, health economic value, and evidence investment requirements are the building blocks build robust business cases.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A and Partnerships

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical technology M&A environment is extremely competitive. Companies must be able to move quickly to identify opportunities, evaluate them, and close transactions that will drive real growth. Our M&A practice works with biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic innovators to help them achieve an edge over their competition.

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